The Modern Workplace: No Keys or Fobs Needed

Modern offices are constantly changing to allow us a little more convenience and freedom. Many people tend to name Bluetooth or wireless internet when asked about prevalent office technology. However, these inventions are not the sole products that are improving office culture.

At ComSurv, we applaud and support the advancement of technologies in the workplace, which is why we’ve partnered with Openpath. Openpath is an access control product developed to be dictated by just an app on your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. Openpath operates on Cloud Software, giving the administrator both increased security and access from anywhere. Once Openpath’s SmartHub hardware is installed, all other manipulation of the system is controlled by a mobile device.

Business owners find Openpath incredibly easy to use and successful at keeping their workplace safe. We offer Openpath as an access control option because we believe that it gives you more control over your business, rather than letting someone (or something) else dominate important security decisions about your work building. With Openpath, business owners can customize security protocols with just one touch from their smartphone. Openpath has a “lockdown” feature that allows one to simultaneously lock the buildings’ doors from wherever they are. Schedule locking is another great way to choose when the building is accessible from the outside. This is great for offices with a consistent routine.

Business owners rejoice at the ease in protecting their access, and office workers love the convenience of Openpath’s smart technology. Carrying around multiple keys, fobs, and credentials is a thing of the past when Openpath is established at your workplace. Not only can employees use a smart device to tell the door to open, but Openpath also has a feature that takes efficiency to the next level. As employees (with their smart devices in their hand, pocket, or bag) approach the building, Openpath recognizes them and readily unlocks the door.

We are professionally qualified here at ComSurv to install your new Openpath system, allowing you to focus on your business. We will also come alongside you to train you on how to operate it. Need us at any point afterward? We’re just one call away. Check out the additional features of Openpath:

  • mobile unlock
  • lockdown
  • integration ability with existing security solutions
  • real-time access event reporting
  • guest access
  • zone sharing
  • scheduled locking
  • remote access
  • other access methods if desired, such as touch & traditional access cards

Our goal at ComSurv is for you to have peace of mind about who enters and exits your office, warehouse, or store. Why? Because we know how important your business is to you.

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